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Enterprise Systems
MVS - The MVS Section of Enterprise Systems installs and supports the z/OS operating system and other associated system products. The primary function of this section is to provide a reliable and efficient operating system environment for all applications that run on the mainframe processors at ITS. This environment enables the state agencies to have access to the latest technology in order to provide better services to the citizens of North Carolina.
Networking - The primary function of the Network Section of Enterprise Systems is to support the z/OS Communications Server products, which consists primarily of TCP/IP and SNA. This section also installs and supports other network-related software products that aid in the diagnosis and support of network issues.
On-line Systems
CICS - Customer Information Control System (CICS) provides a general purpose mainframe based data communication system that can support a network of many hundreds of terminals. It's primary function is to provide an environment for the execution of online application programs, including interfaces to files and data base products.
Database Systems - DB2 provides a relational data base management system (DBMS). Traditionally, DBMSs have been used for transaction processing using carefully designed and coded application programs. DB2 is designed to be flexible enough to allows you to ask a question about data in the system without knowing complicated access methods.
IMS - Information Management System (IMS) provides a database/data communication system that allows ITS's clients to attach communication terminals to the central processing unit (CPU) by defining databases to IMS. IMS controls the terminals and allows the client to communicate with the CPU in a very high level programming language. It also provides the client a means of maintaining a database without requiring detailed technical knowledge at the programming level.
Middleware Services - Middleware is committed to providing responsive, cost-effective, client-oriented, centrally managed middleware services to all state agencies and county and city governments. Our goal is to offer system administration, technology evaluation, and customer support for the emerging distributed computing environment across platforms(OS/390, NT, UNIX, etc.).
Computer Operations - The computers that are used by the State of North Carolina are monitored 24 hours per day, 365(6) days per year to insure constant accessibility for the people of our state. The highest level of software is installed and maintained by the vast staff supporting these systems.
DASD - Data can be stored on a number of different media, one is DASD (Direct Access Storage Device). DASD is provided in public and private pools for use by clients on Production, Test, Development and Revenue systems. Full volume backups are provided monthly on the Production and Revenue systems. Incremental backups and interval migration to tape storage is provided for some storage pools on all systems by using the IBM application, DFSMShsm (hierarchical storage manager). Pools are monitored regularly to insure adequate space is available for clients to successfully complete their daily processes.
Technical Support
Capacity & Performance Management (CAPM) - CAPM is charged with assuring that required capacity is installed and ITS computing hardware/software resource management processes are present to assure cost-effective computing environment for ITS customers. In addition, ITS customers are provided performance information and technical analysis to improve performance and reduce customer costs.
Database Admin - Data Base Services provides data base support for enterprise-wide and ITS applications. The group provides data base consulting services for state agencies. Core support for data base products such as DB2, Sybase, MSSQL, Oracle, and IMS is provided.
Programming Technologies - Programming Technologies provides statewide consulting and primary/secondary technical support for programming languages, testing tools, debugging tools and a series of utility tools. Additionally, this group provides statewide tools administration for tools such as the distributed reporting tool Systemware, the mainframe imaging solution ImagePlus and the software configuration tool Endevor. Tools are tested and guidelines or migration guides developed before new releases or upgrades are put into production. This group works with agencies and, if necessary, the vendor to resolve technical issues with the support tools. Information on basic tool usage and functions is made available to client agencies. Participates in an ongoing software asset management group to ensure tool usage and tool viability.
Web Accessable Services
3270 Emulation - Host On-Demand provides TN3270 access to host-system data through Java applets loaded into a web browser. The user interface is identical to the host terminal, so the traditional 24x80 "green screen" is displayed. A RACF id and password is required to access this service.
TIBs - Technical Information Bulletins (TIBs) are used to keep you informed about hardware and software changes within the Enterprise System. The TIBs database contains information about changes dating back as far as 1996. All TIBs are in Adobe format. A RACF id and password is required to access this service.
X/Net (Test)
X/Net (Production)
- X/net, test or production, allows you to view documents and data stored in X/ptr. A RACF id and password is required to access this service.
BETA44/45 - Beta44/45 home page

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MailStreamPlus Manuals.

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Finalist Manuals.

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RACF Docs and Forms.

- RACF Docs and Forms

Zeke 5.1 Enhancements - Description of Zeke 5.1 Enhancements (pdf format). Zeke is an automated job scheduler that dynamically schedules and dispatches events, and monitors every aspect of the job schedule.
Systemware X/PTR - X/PTR is an automated output management system for OS390/MVS data centers. It brings static data in printed reports back to life as a viable, usable information warehouse. Features such as online viewing, security integration, data mining, automated distribution and archival/retrieval make up the X/PTR foundation. A RACF id and password is required to access this service.
Storage Management at ITS - This document provides information about storage management policies at ITS. It is intended to be a basic guide to storage management for ITS clients who manage their own data using the IBM Storage Management Subsystem (SMS) software product. This document is in PDF format.